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Joyful Noise Releases New Marmoset Cassette Single

Marmoset Cassingle

Leading up to their fifth studio album, Sour Notebook, Marmoset are releasing a new single “Doo Wop” with b-side “She’s Wearing Rings” on Joyful Noise Recordings. As should be clear based on the above image and post title, the single is going to be made available on cassette and will be available in a limited run of 100 copies hand-numbered by the band.

In addition to the cassette format, the two songs will be mad available digitally for free. In fact, we have both tracks available for you to download below and you can always get them directly from Joyful Noise.

Marmoset Sign to Joyful Noise; Plan Tour in Support of Next Album

As mentioned on New Song Daily #301, Joyful Noise Recordings had some big news last week with their signing of long running Indianapolis band, Marmoset. The label has been re-issuing the group’s previous releases put out by Secretly Canadian on the oh so lovely vinyl format, but Tea Tornado, Marmoset’s fourth full-length album will mark their first to be initially released on Joyful Noise. Set for an August 4, 2009 release, the band is currently planning a tour of the Midwest and East Coast and those tentative dates are below.

08/21: Fort Wayne, IN
08/22: Chicago, IL
08/28: St. Louis, MO
08/29: Kansas City, MO
09/04: Pittsburgh, PA
09/05: Rochester, NY
09/06: New Haven, CT
09/08: Durham/Oxfam University, NH
09/09: New York/Brooklyn, NY
09/10: New York/Brooklyn, NY
09/11: Philadelphia, PA
09/12: Baltimore, MD
09/13: Washington DC
09/14: Richmond, VA
09/15: Charlotte, NC
09/16: Atlanta/Athens, GA
09/17: Nashville, TN
09/18: Louisville, KY
09/19: Bloomington, IN

New Song Daily #301: Marmoset – “Peach Cobbler”

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Tea Tornado Cover

“Peach Cobbler”
from Tea Tornado
(Joyful Noise Recordings)

Release Date: August 4, 2009