The PhiLL(er)

Cool Cooler Coulier Cover

Cool Cooler Coulier
Stickfigure Records

Back in my metal listening days, I often wondered why it took so damn long to get to the good parts of the songs. Tracks seemed to have over a full minute of introduction before it got to the good part. Sure, the beginning of Metallica's "One" is enjoyable, but what everyone really wants to hear is Lars going nuts with the double-bass. Lucky for us former, closet metal fans, Coulier doesn't bother with all the wussy stuff and cut straight to the riffs. With an average track length under two minutes, they really don't have any other choice.

With two guitar players and a drummer competing for attention, the bands move to isolate each guitarist—Adam Newman on the right and Brion Kennedy on the left—proves quite useful when trying to sort everything out. The two trade notes back and forth but just as frequently lay their fastest guitar lines right on top of one another. Answering both guitarists throughout, Navid Amlani attacks his drums with speed, precision, and power. It wouldn't surprise me if no one moved at a live Coulier performance; everyone would be busy with their jaw on the floor.