The PhiLL(er)

The Logic of Building the Body Plan Cover
Bound Stems

The Logic of Building the Body Plan
Flameshovel Records

Viewed from afar, the cover of Bound Stems' new EP, The Logic of Building the Body Plan, may appear to be a seamless composition. Upon closer inspection, however, it becomes apparent that this precursor to the band's full-length debut Appreciation Night (to be released in the summer of 2006) is actually formed by many pieces and layers. This same collage theme is present on the back page of the liner notes as well, except in a more obvious form with layers abruptly overlapping one another.

In many ways The Logic of Building the Body Plan's artwork mirrors the efforts of this Chicago quintet. With a variety of day jobs that include teaching, finance, and comic book publishing, each member brings a unique collection of experiences to Bound Stems' near nightly gatherings where the group joins them together into a beautiful musical collage. In most instances the layers of guitar, bass, vocals, keys and drums blend together in a near seamless fashion. At other times, however, the band employs a blend of samples ("Up All Night [Book of Lemon Swamp Re-Fused]", "Up All Night [Epilogue]") that allow an open look at the juxtaposition of sounds. Both methods result in a feel that closely resemble somewhat distant memories vying for further attention and investigation.