The PhiLL(er)

Destroy the Warming Sun Cover
The Amino Acids

Destroy the Warming Sun
Bowlophonic Recordings

If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it is that people love gimmicks and that of all gimmicks, nothing works better than religion. I've seen numerous instances of people attending events not because of any interest in the activities related to the event itself, but simply because the event was affiliated to a particular religion. Reviewing a bio of Detroit's instrumental surf-rock quartet The Amino Acids, it becomes obvious that they too are well aware of how effective gimmicks can be. Not only are they proud members of the Church of Subgenius, they also claim to be from a different planet and wear masks covered in white pantyhose.

Musically Destroy the Warming Sun is your standard surf-rock fare — although with the Theremin playing of Ambassador Chuck Bronson, The Amino Acids may put enough spin on the genre for it to be called "space-rock". The band crashes through the album's fifteen tracks in less than twenty-five minutes pausing only for the occasional sample. The music is far from revolutionary, but for suckers of gimmicks, this just may be what the doctor — or Bob for you Subgenii out there — ordered.