Spoon Releases Demos / Outtakes Album

Spoon Bonus Tracks 2008-2009

If you haven’t been checking on Spoon’s website over the past three years or so, you missed out on quite a few outtakes. Well, Spoon felt bad about that, but not that bad as they are now selling those tracks on a CD or digital download as Spoon Bonus Tracks 2008-2009 (Tracks Below). Recommended for those who wish “You Got Your Cherry Bomb” had more country flava. Plus, everything is 10% off for the holidays, including that Spoon-branded prayer candle for those difficult to shop for devout hipsters.

1. Was It You Demo
2. Rhythm and Soul Demo
3. Don’t Let It Get You Down Demo
4. Cherry Bomb Country Version Demo
5. My Little Japanese Cigarette Case Oceanside Demo
6. Merchants of Soul Demo
7. Eddie’s Ragga Writing Exercise
8. My Mathematical Mind Demo
9. You Gotta Feel It Rehearsal
10. In the Right Place The Right Time Demo

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