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Kanye West Claims New Solo Album by Summer

Now, not to make any assumptions because he already claimed his Jay-Z collaboration Watch the Throne was due in a week in early January, but still. He did it in CAPS LOCK and everything.


In 1 week the video to next single “All of the Lights”

In two months (3/1) the Jay-Z collaboration Watch the Throne

And by summer, new solo album?

This could be the busiest release schedule of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Alina Simone Releases Demos Album

Alina Simone - Raw Demos (2002-2008)
In the long waiting period between her last English language album, 2007′s Placelessness, Alina Simone decided to release an album of demos and outtakes on Bandcamp today.

Titled Raw Demos (2002-2008), it includes material from her first band, Disfarmer as well as demo versions of songs that appear on each of her albums (including a few in Russian), and one from the forthcoming Make Your Own Danger due in June.

Tracklist Below:

1 Copter
2 Miner
3 Going to the Sea Again
4 Straight Edge
5 Chinese Takeout
6 Dreaming of a Blackout
7 Pretty Songs
8 Wish I Had a Motorcycle
9 Every Fresh Start You Make
10 Velvet Painting
11 I Liked Your Lies
12 Hannah
13 For a Rainy Day
14 I Can See Nothing
15 100 Year Rain
16 Just Here to Watch the Show

In other Alina Simone news, she has a book of essays due in June to coincide with her newest album release called You Must Go and Win. And a baby on the way. Plus she’s taking up capoeira and bread making. Most of that is true.

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Win a Golden Globe

Tonight Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross won a Golden Globe for Best Original Score for David Fincher’s The Social Network. Trent may have summed it up best:

Reznor, Ross, and Fincher will also be working together to score the American adaptation of Steig Larsson’s <em>The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo</em>, which is due out in December of this year.

Spoon Releases Demos / Outtakes Album

Spoon Bonus Tracks 2008-2009

If you haven’t been checking on Spoon’s website over the past three years or so, you missed out on quite a few outtakes. Well, Spoon felt bad about that, but not that bad as they are now selling those tracks on a CD or digital download as Spoon Bonus Tracks 2008-2009 (Tracks Below). Recommended for those who wish “You Got Your Cherry Bomb” had more country flava. Plus, everything is 10% off for the holidays, including that Spoon-branded prayer candle for those difficult to shop for devout hipsters.

1. Was It You Demo
2. Rhythm and Soul Demo
3. Don’t Let It Get You Down Demo
4. Cherry Bomb Country Version Demo
5. My Little Japanese Cigarette Case Oceanside Demo
6. Merchants of Soul Demo
7. Eddie’s Ragga Writing Exercise
8. My Mathematical Mind Demo
9. You Gotta Feel It Rehearsal
10. In the Right Place The Right Time Demo